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Beth-El Training Centre

In March of 2009, the training centre was opened and now teaches in two basic areas of production that are commonly used, machining and metal-processing. Historically, it has been difficult to find competent professionals and technicians within these fields, prompting the Beth- El Group to set the goal of training qualified personnel for these specific professions. Machinists learn to process different raw materials for the industry through conventional machines and advanced computerized machinery (CNC). Sheet metal workers learn the different methods of processing tin, with various metals and in different sizes and shapes, by conventional machines and with CNC machines.

Offering Technical Studies and Training, Private Courses, and Courses for the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Employment (TAMAT)

The training centre’s programs includes classes in both theory and a hand’s on workshop. Course times change, based upon the specific months, and last for up to a year and more, depending upon the professionalism required. The training centre promotes a high level of professional training and studies in a region where such opportunity does not exist. This allows for a more versatile job market, as well as creating qualified technicians for fields that are in need of their newly established skills and abilities. more (Hebrew)