Hebrew translation of the ‘New Teaching Book’ – The Metal Professions

The professional handbook is used for the training and further education in the mechanical engineering profession.


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About the Book

The Science of Metal Professions, published by the Beit El Education Department, is a translation of a German book published by the ‘Europaische Lehrmittel’ publishing house. This is a large-scale educational book dealing with subjects related to the metal professions.


The book contains updated and in-depth information, accompanied by detailed and clearly colored images, regarding the metal professions – from the structure of the material and metals, through to the iron and steel, production, processing and use.
The Metal Professions lists various methods of processing, detailing the most common industrial technologies and methods of machining and non- machining.
The book explains the principles of measurement, the use of tables, principles of control and automation, CNC machines and advanced processing methods.
The Metal Professions provides answers to anyone needing updated information on metal technology.

Target Groups
  • Industrial technicians and toolmakers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Machining engineers
  • Technical draftsmen
  • Master and engineer
  • Practitioners in industry and crafts
  • Interns and students
  • Industrial technicians and toolmakers
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